Monthly Archives: June 2011

Yahoo and Jack Ma

Only somewhat facetiously, I wonder out-loud why Jack Ma was not arrested at the US border last week when he spoke at The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital Conference. On a massive and very public scale, he is conveying a sense of the conceptual lawlessness of mainland Chinese business practices and the diffidence of the Chinese government to outside investors. It’s the Sino-Forest of governance and he is getting an unbelievable free-pass from the financial press. Visit the Chinese business […]

Thank you Mr. Dimon

At what was surely a suave gathering of banking officials in Atlanta on June 7th, this exchange was noted between Morgan’s Jaime Dimon and Fed Chief Ben Bernanke. The answer should scare you. Mr. Dimon: Y’know, I have this, totally, I completely agree that we had a crisis and that it entailed doing a lot of things to fix and reduce risk. I have this great fear that someone’s going to write a book in 10 or 20 years, and […]