Monthly Archives: September 2011

Data Mining: The Gift and the Curse

by Eugene Robin Reading over some of the “doomsday” commentary in the financial blogosphere, it sometimes appears as if graphs posted by some of the authors are poignant and relevant to the here and now. As the above graph indicates (presented as a reprint from Societe General’s Research via the blog Zero Hedge), it appears as if the historical movements of the Nikkei and S&P are genuinely linked by some mysterious force. In fact, the author’s insinuation is that there […]

Do I Detect a Hint of Optimism?

To counter the rumor that I am incapable of ceding the pen, I present Ben Claremon, Cove Street analyst, aka The Inoculated Investor.  – Jeffrey Bronchick, CFA   ——Do I Detect a Hint of Optimism?————————————————————– By Ben Claremon I am a skeptic by nature. In addition to that component of my rosy disposition, being a disciple of the father of value investing, Benjamin Graham, I also am uniquely focused on potential downside and risk. To me, the concept of margin […]