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Portable Nonsense

While this is a wonderfully snarky clip from the Economist, if I were paying “2 and 20” I am not sure I would think it’s so funny. It also seems to be a decent plug for Cove Street Capital Strategic […]

So We Get Questions

Q. Should we be concerned that you have a small investment team? How can you cover hundreds of stocks? Won’t you miss things? A. No, we don’t need to and of course. We run a concentrated portfolio that strives for […]

Notes from the Front Line: UCLA

The opinions expressed herein are not those of Cove Street Capital. The post was written by Ben Claremon, an employee of CSC, and includes his summaries of speeches given at a recent UCLA Anderson Investment Association Conference. You should not consider […]

In Support the of Home Team

by Ben Claremon It was less than two years ago that I was sitting with some of my UCLA Anderson classmates, desperately trying to figure out what to do for our Applied Management Research or AMR project. Most students fulfill […]