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Portable Nonsense

While this is a wonderfully snarky clip from the Economist, if I were paying “2 and 20,” I am not sure I would think it’s so funny. It also seems to be a decent plug for Cove Street Capital’s Classic […]

So We Get Questions

Q — Should we be concerned that you have a small investment team? How can you cover hundreds of stocks? Won’t you miss things? A — No, we don’t need to and of course. We run a concentrated portfolio that […]

Notes From the Front Line: UCLA

This report is published for information purposes only. You should not consider the information a recommendation to buy or sell any particular security, and this should not be considered as investment advice of any kind. The report is based on […]

In Support the of Home Team

by Ben Claremon | Research Analyst It was less than two years ago that I was sitting with some of my UCLA Anderson classmates, desperately trying to figure out what to do for our Applied Management Research or AMR project. […]