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Our Roots For Sale

Warren Buffett: Former Executive Offices – 97 Cove St, New Bedford MA 02744

CSC Strategy Letter | Number 9 | Idiosyncratic Risk…and the Other Kind

CLICK HERE to download Cove Street Capital’s November Strategy Letter, Number 9, “Idiosyncratic Risk…and the Other Kind”

Increasingly Obvious Unintended Consequences

While we prefer not to opine in a macro-economic sense on most occasions, THIS PIECE sourced from Grant’s, nicely sums up thoughts expressed in a number of our strategy letters. Artificially depressed interest rates are killing us.

Jefferies: Possible Postscript

Funny things often happen on the way to the bank. It is also fair to say that sometimes you never reach the bank, or you end up taking a cab when you thought you were walking. Where this fits with our investment in Jefferies (JEF) remains somewhat unclear, but it may be helpful for the new reader to refer to our previous writing to get up to speed.   Now that you are with us, here are some questions to be […]