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Somehow This Did Not Make It Into Our Presentation

Uncorking the Muse: Alcohol Intoxication Facilitates Creative Problem Solving

What Is Really Wrong With This Country and the Economy?

Please read this and try not to weep. Let me see if I understand this correctly. The President of the United States gathers together a task force of government lawyers in order to coordinate the ability to sue private companies? […]

Other People’s Thoughts – Jim Bianco of Bianco Research

As someone who does not watch CNBC unless I’m away from the office and utterly trapped in a small hotel room that only offers 5 stations and is located in a remote region of the country, I wasn’t aware that […]

CSC Strategy Letter | Number 8 | You Didn’t Build This Rally

Download Cove Street Capital’s September 2012 Strategy Letter Number 8, “You Didn’t Build This Rally”

Cove Street Capital Calling

Despite having twenty-eight years in the investment management industry and the natural cynicism that comes with experience, I nonetheless retain the ability to be amazed at what can pass for normalcy in the full light of day. Case in point […]

Summer Reading Continued

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves…” The latest in a long line of thought provoking pieces by investment consultant guru Charles Ellis about what ails the “business” of investment management and the propensity for all actors—clients, consultants, […]

Munger Reprise

I sometimes have a dim realization that I need the same intellectual lessons pounded into me over different time periods in order to avoid the regular and robust temptation to do something stupid. We will be regularly posting pieces on […]

Now About that Factory Tour…

Following last week’s Fender post: Why Fender Pulled Its IPO

Buy a Used Guitar, Not the Stock

In my analytical career, there is a laundry list of things I have studied for investment purposes, including such topics as life insurance, cement, pet products, pension accounting, high speed disc couplings, polymers, mattresses, and urea. So it has only […]

Summer Reading

Good investing is  a continuous evaluation of business characteristics, valuation and judgement about the people running the show. Valuation is math and perseverance. The changing natures of business models and the wonder and flaws of people are shifting sands requiring […]

CSC Strategy Letter | Number 7 | Volcker Does Not Rule

Download Cove Street Capital’s June 2012 Strategy Letter Number 7, “Volcker Does Not Rule”

The Next Generation: An Interview with Ben Claremon & Eugene Robin

CSC research analysts and blog contributors Ben Claremon and Eugene Robin were recently interviewed for “The Wall Street Transcript.” Read it here .

What We See Versus What We Infer

THIS is a superbly interesting thought process that is eminently applicable to investment management, and it can be argued that I have seen balance sheets that look worse than some of the included slides. – Jeffrey Bronchick, CFA | CSC […]

A Brief Presentation by Our CIO

Our CIO Jeffrey Bronchick gave a presentation at the Emerging Managers Summit in Chicago. Download the slides here.

CSC Strategy Letter | Number 6 | Lots to Fear or Fear Itself?

Download Cove Street Capital’s March 2012 Strategy Letter Number 6, “Lots to Fear or Fear Itself?”

Inoculation 2012: The Berkshire Hathaway Meeting

Dear Value Investors, This was my fourth trip to the so-called Woodstock for Value Investors and my latest attempt to capture the majority of the comments made by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. Over that time, what hasn’t materially changed […]

More Things That Don’t Change Over Time

“Keynes the Stock Market Investor” is a pretty interesting piece that was partially excerpted in the Wall Street Journal several weeks ago, but being gluttons for punishment, we had to read the original. We would note the following only modestly self-serving […]

The Active Management Pretend Game

by Eugene Robin | Research Analyst Let us start by saying that this is not an essay on whether or not a large pool of institutional asset allocators should consider an indexing strategy or not. What follows is an analysis of […]

CSC Strategy Letter | Number 5 | Caviar for the General

Download Cove Street Capital’s March 2012 Strategy Letter Number 5, “Caviar for the General”

Everything Turns Grey: Chesapeake

by Eugene Robin | Research Analyst The title of this blog post borrows a line from an Agent Orange song that I loved listening to when I was growing up. I think it encapsulates the argument currently taking place between […]

Portable Nonsense

While this is a wonderfully snarky clip from the Economist, if I were paying “2 and 20,” I am not sure I would think it’s so funny. It also seems to be a decent plug for Cove Street Capital’s Classic […]

So We Get Questions

Q — Should we be concerned that you have a small investment team? How can you cover hundreds of stocks? Won’t you miss things? A — No, we don’t need to and of course. We run a concentrated portfolio that […]

Notes From the Front Line: UCLA

This report is published for information purposes only. You should not consider the information a recommendation to buy or sell any particular security, and this should not be considered as investment advice of any kind. The report is based on […]

In Support the of Home Team

by Ben Claremon | Research Analyst It was less than two years ago that I was sitting with some of my UCLA Anderson classmates, desperately trying to figure out what to do for our Applied Management Research or AMR project. […]

What We Are Thinking: Approach Resources

by Eugene Robin, CFA | Research Analyst Approach Resources, Incorporated (Ticker: AREX) is an independent oil and gas exploration company located in west Texas. As a spin-out from energy private equity firm Yorktown Partners, Approach situated itself on land that […]

A Plea for Higher Interest Rates

What’s great about Jim Grant writing for the unwashed minority (those who toil in official positions in Washington) is that you can re-link and comment without running into the Wrath of Grant’s for violating his confidence as a paid-up subscriber. Our […]

The Ongoing Tyranny of the Growth vs. Value Argument

Co-written by Jeffrey Bronchick + Ben Claremon A recent article in the Wall Street Journal—from which we lifted the chart below—once again highlights the never-ending debate about the merits of growth versus value, a discussion that inevitably forces an investment […]

Warren and Ben

What Fidelity Asked Warren Buffett

Trying This at Home

We reprint with permission a recent email from a sell-side colleague who we hold in high regard, despite his familiarity with the institutional investment consulting industry. (Laugh here.) Like any number of experienced investment people, he has seen a lot […]

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